• THE UNCOUTH – Just A Matter Of Time 7″

    7″ – Clear Vinyl – First Pressing Limited to 50
    7″ – Grey Vinyl – First Pressing Limited to 100
    7″ – Black Vinyl – First Pressing Limited to 350


    Kansas City’s The Uncouth are back again with their third release… and this thing rips! After spending the year touring and sharpening their unique brand of Oi! “Just A Matter Of Time” couldn’t of come at a more fitting time. The Stooges were pissed off in 1969, the Reagan-era punks of the 80s were calling for blood, and in 2018 things don’t feel much different in America. The title track of this single is an anger fueled anthem that speaks to all of us who are ready to see some things change. Want some aggro? The Uncouth are more than happy to help you out. The B Side is a Woody Guthrie cover about punching Nazis in the face. If you can’t get behind that, you’ve come to the wrong place… Manufactured in the USA on high quality vinyl in Clear, Grey, and Black wax. Test Pressing four packs include all three limited colors and one of our super limited test pressings straight from the pressing plant.

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    THE UNCOUTH – Jonesy’s War EP

    12″ – Black Vinyl – First Pressing Limited to 300
    12″ – White Marble – First Pressing Limited to 100 (SOLD OUT!)
    12″ – Grey Marble – First Pressing Limited to 100 (SOLD OUT!)
    Every Order Includes A Download Card

    The Uncouth are a modern American Oi! band, but you wouldn’t be able to guess that after hearing them. They don’t play into genre cliches, with ringing guitar solos and songs about real life, they are a far cry from the tired march-a-longs and tough guy fairytales our scene has become watered down with. After releasing their first seven inch, “KC United”, the KC boys are back with a debut EP that doesn’t let up from start to finish! For fans of The Clash, 4-Skins, Blitz, Last Resort, etc.

    Manufactured in the USA on high quality vinyl, each order comes with a download card and packaged in a heavy jacket, full color inner sleeve, and a double sided lyrics sheet. This album is a piece of art! Available in Europe through Randale Records on grey marble wax, but we kept a few for our four packs which includes all three colors of Jonesy’s War and a super limited hand numbered test pressing – Jump on it before they are gone!

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  • THE UNCOUTH – KC United

    7″ – Colored Vinyl – First Pressing Limited to 100 (SOLD OUT!)
    7″ – Black Vinyl – First Pressing Limited to 400 (SOLD OUT!)

    The Uncouth! have put in countless hours of hard work over the years to earn the title of Kansas City’s finest Oi! band. Teenage Heart is excited to carry the first vinyl offering from these up-and-coming lads on limited hand numbered colored vinyl EXCLUSIVE through our distro! The A side is a chug-along about having pride in your city. The B side is a cover of the bootboy classic from Slade “Gudbuy T’Jane” and is limited to this release. These boys are one to watch, so keep them on your radar!

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  • TSC – Blank

    7″ – Black Vinyl

    This one could easily be from the lost tapes of a 1969 UK basement studio session. The A side of this instant classic and DeeJay favorite is a scorching organ driven Skinhead Reggae instrumental. It's cut with a killer version of Barbara Acklin's “Am I The Same Girl” or Young & Holt's “Soulful Strut” (depending on which party you are at). Either way, this double sider is jam city. The musicians on this record are about as mysterious as the Jamaican blank style label that this 45 proudly wears. Pick this one up, I don't think it will be around long.

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  • THE NEW RIDDIM – Carolina

    7″ – Black Vinyl

    The members of The New Riddim have been on the Ska scene in different capacities for many years now, so Teenage Heart is proud to release the very first vinyl offering from these KC based rockers. Both sides of this 7″ are dynamite! The A side “Carolina” sounds like a modern day Ska dancer from Madness while the B side is a dub from The Slacker's very own Agent Jay. Dubbed at Stabby Road Studios “What Can I Dub?” has a nice clean grooving beat and is everything you need from a Version. Also released in super limited quantity as a “Jamaican Blank Label”.

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    7″ – Black Vinyl – Limited “Jamaican Blank Label” Version

    Each 45 is hand stamped and unique, limited to 25 copies. Agent Jay of The Slackers sends this New Riddim tune into outerspace! Dubbed at his Stabby Road Studios in Brooklyn, the B side of Carolina, “What Can I Dub?” is a direct hit! Listen to his Version below!

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    THE GADJITS – Da Gravy On Yo’ Grits – LP + 7″

    LP + 7″ – Black Vinyl – Remastered 20th Anniversary

    Every Order Includes A Download Card

    It’s been twenty years since Kansas City Ska legends The Gadjits put out their self-released and self-recorded debut album “Da Gravy On Yo’ Grits”. It’s the record that put The Gadjits on the map and got the attention of Epitaph Records owner Brett Gurewitz and Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong. For years it has been sitting, gathering dust and has become long forgotten in the history of 90s Ska… Until now! Teenage Heart Records is proud to release, for the first time ever on vinyl, the remastered twentieth anniversary of “Da Gravy On Yo’ Grits”! We dug through the JOCO Ska basement archives and found plenty of hidden gems to make this something you won’t want to miss. With additional unreleased bonus tracks, the original demo tape in its entirety, and a 45 with two lost songs from the Hellcat sessions… This is the definitive missing piece to the Gadjits musical history – Bonus 7″ includes an Alt version of the Tim Armstrong produced “Outsider” which sounds more like a missing track off of the 1980 “Sound Affects” album by The Jam! The B side is a dub version of “Thinkin’ Bout You” produced by dub wizard Victor Rice and Slackers frontman Vic Ruggiero. Both sides of this 7″ are must have tracks.

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  • THE SKINTS – Short Change

    12″ – Black Vinyl

    The Skints have put out nothing but huge tunes since they hit the scene back in 2010. Needless to say this record is no exception! Every track with the included dubs makes “Short Change” hands down our favorite front to back play from these up and coming underdogs from London. The first spin on the A side “The Cost of living…” is a working class anthem that every single one of us can relate to, and it's a dancehall smasher! This one will have you rockin' steady in no time! Don't sleep on it!

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  • THE SKINTS – Ratatat

    7″ – Black Vinyl

    The first time I heard The Specials “Ghost Town” I thought, this is unlike anything else I've ever heard before, and it truly was. Fifteen years later in front of my turntable I hear “Ratatat” from The Skints for the first time and it strikes me the exact same way, this is truly something new, something different. Beautifully blending Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Hip Hop, and Pop Music make this infectious dancer a must have. These London rockers grace the B side with a Rocksteady number, and a solid Dub.

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  • THE FAR EAST – Youthman

    7″ – Black Vinyl

    Do yourself the favor, listen to this record. The Youthman single is easily one of our favorite Reggae releases from the past couple years. A beautifully haunting groove is laid down by these Brooklyn based newcomers for their debut release. The entrancing, almost sedative like vocal from Maddie Ruthless supplements the track perfectly. Produced by the always on point Brett Tubin at Channel Tubes in New York. We are on the edge of our seat waiting for the next Far East track, or anything else to come out on the Tea Factory Sounds imprint.

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  • MR BENN – No More Guns

    7″ – Black Vinyl

    Tenor Fly got his start in Reggae Music in the late 80's with the legend Sir Coxsone Dodd, since then he has recorded countless singles and guested on many huge hits over the years. His output with the Freestylers in the 90's was some of our favorite of his sessions… until this single came out. Produced by the up-and-coming Bristol based DJ Mr. Benn, “No More Guns” has a fire to it that is hard to find in modern reggae joints. Give it a spin and try not to bob your head.

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  • UZIMON – Champion Sound

    7″ – Black Vinyl

    From the island of Bermuda comes Reggae Superstar UZIMON!!! “Champion Sound” might have won the award for song that makes us laugh the most, while simultaneously forcing us, and everyone else in the room to dance. Give it a spin, try not to move, it's impossible…

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