THE UNCOUTH – Just A Matter Of Time 7″


7″ – Clear Vinyl – First Pressing Limited to 50
7″ – White Vinyl – First Pressing Limited to 100
7″ – Black Vinyl – First Pressing Limited to 350

Kansas City’s The Uncouth are back again with their third release… and this thing rips! After spending the year touring and sharpening their unique brand of Oi! “Just A Matter Of Time” couldn’t of come at a more fitting time. The Stooges were pissed off in 1969, the Reagan-era punks of the 80s were calling for blood, and in 2018 things don’t feel much different in America. The title track of this single is an anger fueled anthem that speaks to all of us who are ready to see some things change. Want some aggro? The Uncouth are more than happy to help you out. The B Side is a Woody Guthrie cover about punching Nazis in the face. If you can’t get behind that, you’ve come to the wrong place… Manufactured in the USA on high quality vinyl in Clear, White, and Black wax. Test Pressing four packs include all three limited colors and one of our super limited test pressings straight from the pressing plant.

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